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New BMW K1200S and Maiden-trip, august 05, 2005.


Yesterday when I got my K1200S delivered, it rained like 'buckets', so when this morning started out with pure sunshine and some scattered clouds, I was ready for "The Real testride".

My youngest daugther, Astrid(13 at the time), was to be my pillion and we both had likewise grins on our faces leaving home.... A needed stop at the gas-station for a fresh fill-up and off we go.....To compare the K1200S with the touring capabilities of The K1200RS..was stuck in my thoughts. But I will come back to that later....

Our first stop was along the road, for some straw-berries....a vendor had a stand at a rest-area....and why not..to make a tribute to The K1200S, only the Champagne was lacking, but that dont go with driving.


Our heading and road choise would bring us up on the 'roof' of Southern Norway. The roads up are realy nice, a combo of twisties and some broad stretches as well. My first impressions where sort of 'careful' trials of what this 'Wasp' could do, cause I felt like sort of sitting on a Giant Bumble-bee 'soundwise', the Engine just roared underneath me.... I have tried the S before, but not with a pillion onboard, but I couldn't even feel a difference. Trying out twisties made my grin..even bigger...what a bike and what a construction Norman Hossack made us all....Thanks Norman! This bike is proberbly one I would never see the limit of..and by this I mean, it sort of 'sticks' to the surface and just stays there ... however deep a bend-over you make. Astrid, my dauther asked me through the intercom; dad, could we touch the black-top with our knees no??? She had seen some of those promotion pictures from BMW.
The flickabilty of this bike is also impressing, mostly I think due its low center of gravity....it is quick..real quick. Going through the 180 twisties I had to go down to second gear, otherwise I used mostly third and fourth in a series of lefties and righties...and what an acceleration this 'wasp' has...from 7500 rpms it starts flying and the fun begins hearing and feeling the raw power of the Engine.

All in all, my First Tour with the K1200S was 450 kilometers and fuel used was 23.5 liters, that should make an average of 0.52 liters per 10 kms. As a Sports Tourer I feel that this new K1200S from BMW will and can compare with the K1200RS as a 'Sports' Tourer, just that fraction more 'sportier' to get that grin to stay put in your face, however upon packing for a full month on the road you should be selective of what you need. The capasity of these new bags are limited compared to the 'One-and-a-half' of the RS. So leave your Tux at home, you dont need it, your a motorbiker.

I think I'm in love with this bike...and the best of it, its just started ....









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